Published On: Tue, Dec 18th, 2012

Africa :Kenya orders refugees into camps after blasts

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NAIROBI, Dec 18 – A wave of bombings, shootings and hand-grenade attacks blamed on Somali militants prompted Kenya on Tuesday to order all refugees and asylum seekers to report to two camps and to bar them from living in towns.

Kenya has experienced a spate of violent attacks, mostly in the capital and close to the Somali border, since it sent soldiers into its anarchic neighbour last year to drive out Islamist rebels linked to al Qaeda.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the attacks, which have contributed to rising insecurity, a growing concern as the region’s biggest economy prepares for a presidential election next March, the first poll since a contested 2007 vote which unleashed nationwide ethnic violence.

Badu Katelo, the acting commissioner for refugee affairs in Kenya, said the decision was taken by the government following the attacks by people who are thought to be from Somalia.

The directive would affect more than 100,000 refugees of various nationalities living in urban areas, he said.

“The people who are perpetuating these attacks live in refugee populations… Kenyans are seeing this group of people are a kind of threat to their lives.”

Under the new directive, Somali refugees are required to be housed at Dadaab, while all other refugees must reside at Kakuma, a camp located near Kenya’s frontier with South Sudan.

In the past, those who could support themselves or were in need of specialised education or medical care were allowed to live in urban areas.


The United Nations refugee agency spokesman Emmanuel Nyabera raised concerns over the rights of the refugees.

“We are trying to come up with a position so that the rights of refugees are respected and the concerns of the government addressed,” he said.

One person was injured in an grenade attack on Sunday, days after two separate strikes hit the Eastleigh area last week.

Tensions have risen in the past two months in Eastleigh, a part of Nairobi commonly dubbed “Little Mogadishu” because of its large Somali population. In November, street battles erupted between Kenyans and ethnic Somalis in Eastleigh after a bomb on a minibus killed seven people in the area.

Some of Eastleigh’s population are refugees but many others are Kenyans of Somali ethnicity and illegal migrants.

Kenya hosts over 525,000 Somali refugees, the majority living in the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab, close to the Somali border. The camp is severely overcrowded, hosting four times the population it was built for.

Wasia Masitsa, a lawyer working with Kituo cha Sheria, which provides legal aid to refugees in Eastleigh, said police were arbitrarily arresting people of Somali origin.

“We have a lot of Kenyan Somalis who have even been victims of police swoops and other forms of violations,” he said.

“The government has not been able to establish a very credible nexus between the presence of refugees in the city and the insecurity,” he said.



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  1. Buuxiye says:

    It is in Kenya's best interest to HOLD a referendum in the NFP and expel all Somalis from the rest of their country while they have a chance to do so. 20-30years from now the battle lines will be South of Nairobi and Mombasa and the Bantus will be chased all the way to Southern Tanzania.

    The combined Somali+Ethiopian Genetic influence is turning Kenya's Bantu into a Minority and soon extinct them all together. Most Kenya's are all ready of Mix genetic stock and cannot be considered to be Pure Bantus as a result the next 2 generations will see a total shift in ethnicity in Kenya. Instead of swahili a new Kushitic language will emerge.

  2. Sheiko says:

    Who cares about Kenya??? They are resources un or not rich thus like Ethiopia feeling a bit jealous of Tanzania, Somalis and South Sudanese and Uganda for the most part. They just want attention. I mean the government not the usual average Joe suffering like the rest in that region.

    Kenya has been the biggeest in manipulation of its foreign policy to grab attention to itself over all others. They use any means to grab attention from the rest of the world. Hence, their recent over use of extremism to gain attention much like their previous attempts to gain attention through kidnapping and extortion.

  3. rarte says:


  4. jama says:

    Somali community are weak and have no at all a representative in terms of their right so its better to organize themselves like the other communities in Kenya otherwise the police torture and ethnic hatred will continue for ever.

    • Ilyas says:

      somalis will never, or at least won't be organised in the near future. As much tridition we have inherited from our fathers, the bad ones stuck to our attitude and the good ones are bubbling up time to time. The worst one however that is, nomatic life never left us and you see it in all somalis wherever they are. That's easy to feel.

    • Irir Samaale says:

      The OG's are well represented in the Kenyan parliament so its their duty to protect Somalis otherwise they need to step aside and let other Somalis have a go

  5. Ilyas says:

    This is only a pretext to stop the somali threat in kenya. The threat funny enough, is not al-shabaab, but the ganacsi success that somalis enjoy in kenya's capital. Kenya is using the white man propoganda to rage the people against muslims and i think that was suggested by israel.a

  6. Ahmed says:

    Kenya is a very corrupt country, the corruption in the country is so wide that you have to bribe every step that you take, hospitals, schools, government identification, sadly we Somalis have destroyed our country and now we are building big buildings in Eastleigh, Nairobi. I remember when i travelled to Kenya in 2009, that one Somali guy was burnt alive in downtown Nairobi by angry mobs who were complaining that Somalis were taking them out of business by selling cheap goods. He was killed not because he was from NFD or South Somalia, or Somaliland, but simply that he was Waryaa, a term used by the Bantu in Kenya. Lets pray for peace in our lands.

  7. abdi snm says:

    hey where you at? fqhs boy…..its nice to see the wallawey to be treated like dogs.
    how ironic, its bantu kenya who are running things….
    mr keyse nairobi its not moogdisho,,,,,go build your hellhole and stay away from kenya and somaliland.
    i told many times come see me in arabsiyo any time and stop hiding behind your screenbr
    yeah i am a proud habr awal sacad muse jibril abokor….SNM FOR EVER

    • kfc says:

      You dont speak or kenya or its people ok. what gave you away is that no somali boy/man uses the name abdi never just abdi it ALWAYS has to go with something so peace and stop impersonating my SNM brothers.

  8. Jabuutawi says:

    I wonder when the next round of Bantu on Bantu violence starts? You know, Kikuyu on Luo and vice versa election night violence rite of passage for Bantu Kenya. My advice to the Bantu: Get your machete ready and a gallon of homemade beer just in case the hacking of limbs go well into the wee hours of the night.

    Listen Jubbaland people, these are the very people whom you consider friends in Kismayo. Join the Moqadishu -run government and stop the nonsense.

    • ali says:

      So, you think all out war civil will break out in kenya. look mate kenyans they may hate each other but they will never distroy their country, not like Mogadishu moryaanos 1991 looted every public office hospitals schools in mogadishu,and not only that they took down statues of well known somali freedom fighters such as [ Dhagax Tuur, Xaawo Taako,Sayid Maxamed Abdulla xassan ], and sold to scrab mental in Dubia it's well documented story.

      Going back Jubbaland issue, folks in Jubbaland they consider kenya as a neighbor. the problem started when Hassan NGO told the rightful owners indigenous ppl in Jubbaland i will nominate for you a GOVERNOR from "caliyaale". you see the problem is, Hassan NGO and samale project have no clue what they digging into it's unknow distanition with no infinity. somalia as a whole today is on cross road, the jop of this shaky central goverment is to CONSULT nothing more.

      ppl in Jubbaland already decided who will lead their state, they are two million strong. these refugees are mix somali clan including somali nothern and jabuutian who came kenya seek refugee status so they can go abroad. not particular tribe live the refugee camp.

      Statistics shows somalis in General benefited kenya host them. for the last twenty years more than three hundred thousand somalis left either from the refugee camps in kenya or their family sent sponsorship while they reside in kenya and went abroad.

      Ofcourse there's corruption in kenya this is AFRICA. a great philosopher once said "you can't Escape from reality", it's time somalis go back their homeland pick up the pieces and put back together,but this time somalis should focus on respecting each other territory create genuine Democracy. central goverment must have limited power, semi-autonomous states should have more say their local affairs. if somalis want to PRESERVE their language,culture,religion or one hundred year from now historian will say there use to be here ppl call SOMALI in these areas.

      • Irir Samaale says:

        I've told this many times Madobe and his OG refugees will meet the same fate that happened to other OG refugees that tried this before in Sland and Hiiraan.

        PS keep believing in the Kenya is our true friend while Mogadishu is our N1 enemy BS. Also i do believe that Kenya is most likely gonna collapse as a state in 2013 same with Ethiopia in 2015 if you don't believe me just don't be surprised when it happens.

        The only reason these 2 countries ain't collapsed yet is because of the behind the scenes Western interventions with their politicians but even that's not gonna help no more because its clan problems reached boiling point.They've averted this in the last election in Kenya and after the death of Meles in Ethiopia but don't think they've got the power to do it again

        I just hope that the Somalis particularly the ones in Nairobi are well prepared because this time they will be the ones at the forefront facing being massacred. Oh Allah protect my people in Nairobi from the grave danger that's heading their way on 4-3-2013 Ameen

        • kfc says:

          Irir bro im Harti and reside in northern Somalia(Dads side) and visited my mums hometown(kismayo) and honestly the ogadens,harti and marexaan,hawiye,digil iyo mirifle and the rest all they want is to stop the bloodshed,all they want is a united somalia. Honestly its just a few people from all clans who are hijacking the situation.these people want the goverment in Mogadishu to assure them for security,health and food. I want this BS of this clan owning this city to stop wallahi Allah is great and we somalis have suffered enough. I have a dream that one day i will go to Somalia again and go to every city in Somaliweyn without being asked about my clan.I have a dream where i can travel from our beautiful capital to the shores of lasqorey and mountains of laascaanood and beautiful hotels in hargeisa and enjoy the view of trade in Burao and see the waterfalls of Bari and nugal region and visit the historical cities of merka and jowhar and kyak in the shabelle river. I would fight not for my clan but for somalis and who ever is in the right path. I hope to see somalia as a country where tribes are used to remember our fathers and the place where we came from. Honestly this whole situation in somalia is/has been hijacked by few tribalists. I want a goverment that respresents all somalis and i want a president who helps the oppressed ad speaks out agaisnt injustice. God willing Hassan Sh.Mohamoud will not let tribalism blind him and will unite the somali speaking people of the Horn for once and for good. i hope the best for all of you in good health prosperity,peace wealth and janatul firdaus even if you are secceniosts ,unionists. I know that all somalis have the dream of unity but this only happens if Allah wills and we have trust in each other.peace my brothers and sisters and i hope you forgive me if i have offended you in anyway .Mac Salaama.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            إن شاء الله‎ that will happen bro because operation get rid of the traitors has started from Saylac to Raas kambooni

          • Ibrahim says:

            First start from Mogadishu moryan club, that is where the root cause of somali problem.

        • ali says:

          It's all fabricated lies there is no confrontation in kismayo some moryaan websites such as dayniile,shabeele and few unknow one's wrongly reported twisted this incedent. what happen was few gangs tried to put check point road leading to suburb call calanley than Raskanbooni arm forces + local Goverment forces try to lift the check point two people were kill. this is not mogadishu the authority will not allow this sort of behaviour, there is already enough arm forces in kismayo.

          There is no difference between local goverment forces and Raskanbooni arm forces. i know two brothers who are serving different sides.

          A great philosopher use to say " distant enemy you watch them and expect anything from them, but local enemy it's hard to watch them since they live with you". i hope you get the point. somalis live in kenya most of them are leaving cuz kenyan authority said all refugee must report the camps or those willing going back to somalia are also welcome. there's quite astonishing similarity incident that's happening in kenya specially eastleigh area and the one happen in Mogadishu late 1989 throwing hand grenade into innocent crowd. the authority already figure out who's behind this problem.

          Before march 2013 most somalis left nairobi or back refugee camps those who want. you believe kenya will collapse 4/3/2013, your story reminds me once in a while a guy jumps out from same TV channel and says 1/1/2013 is DOOMSDAY the whole world will collapse be prepare to die all of's all MYTH.

          Nothing will happen 4/3/2013, the kenyan election will get throught as plan. also, kenya have now biometric voting card system which could stop double voting. nationalisim it comes from the heart, it's not something you can create you have to born with. kenyans+ethiopians+many countries around the world their nationalisim is genuine one compare to somalis specailly certain community within somali society. that's why all these countries have goverments it does not matter how much and how hard westren countries support kenya+ethiopian if the ppl are not willing to look after their country NO amount of money logistics will help.

      • Madar says:

        Well said my friend.

  9. hoodo says:

    I agree with the kenyan decision period. This Stinky scumbags should all be rounded up and sent bag to their country. They deserve no good treatment at all.
    The more they are treated like human beings the more they became disastrous therefore the only solution is to send them back to their shrub land and let them eat each other like wild dog.

  10. Irir Samaale says:

    Breaking news: SNA turf OG refugees out of the Kismayo district of Calanley

    • GEDO says:

      it's just lies….. read real news outlet not the backward one.

      • Irir Samaale says:

        Here's a RK somewhat agreeing….

        Fist of all Gedo doesn't even like the OGs in power so don't try to convince me otherwise because in the end you're only lying to yourself unless you're a fake Gedo

        Madobes biggest mistake from day 1 was putting all his bread in the Kenyans basket because now he is slowly facing a humiliated defeat and there's nothing the Kenyans can do for him except sit and watch from the sideline

        • GEDO says:

          Read Good reliable news outlet such as BBC and hiiran online they both Genuine NEWS.

          Did you know more than 3,500 army personall from Gedo are station in kismayo now, trained equipt by the kenyans. Gedo will always be part of GREATER JUBBALAND, they know where their real bread is, they are aware who's foe or friend

          I am real Gedo person , even if Gedawi try to cause some problem they will not succeed, because other 90% Darood will join the fight take sides.

      • somali says:

        READ hiiiran online website, it's Genuine non buys news outlet.

  11. Irir Samaale says:

    These developing stories has nothing to do with Shabaab but more with the drooling Bantus excuse to take Somali business.

    In a way this sad news could be a blessing in disguise because it will halt the Somalis in investing in any Bantu dominated areas and will also be forced to sell up and move location either to NEP or back to Somalia where at least you are developing your people lands

  12. abdi snm says:

    hey the world is sick and tired of wallaweyn and fq…..
    what other choice kenya have here.
    lets how fare their new NGO PRESIDENT WILL TAKE THEM.

  13. mohamed cheers says:

    There are big problem issues here..Kenya NFD Province is a Somali district, which borders
    Somalia and Ethiopia Somali Western State. Historically, all these Somalis were integrated
    into free movements. With all the problems around, the same old status quo goes on.
    For as long as there are Somali States in Kenya and Ethiopia, and with Somalia without proper
    Govt Since 1991, and with Kenya and Ethiopia not ready to handle the Somalis plights in proper
    manner justifying comprensive peace, It's difficult to glimpse how really good solutions can be achieved. In addition two big problems viz Jubbaland and ONLFland?

  14. Sahra says:

    Why do we have these old articles..?

  15. Buuxiye says:

    The Masia People From Tanzania do not need refugee camps because the Masia people in Kenya will not allow it.

    The Borona people in Kenya are not kept in refugee camps even when they arrive from Ethiopia.

    The Meru, Kikuyu, luo and every other godforsaken Naked bantu in Kenya is a Automatic citizen even if he or she was born outside Kenya.

    The 6Million Somalis in Kenya cannot unite behind a single strategy to free themselves from FuFu enslavement that is plain disgusting. Who else in Kenya occupies 35% of the Country yet is given Zero respect?

    Demand equality or threaten to walk away with your 35% of the STATE???

  16. Amy Jensen says:

    It is heartbreaking to know people are living this way. I am thankful for this article because there needs to be more attention brought to these issues. I work for a nonprofit in Africa that helps provide education to children who don't have that opportunity. So much good has been done here but so much more is needed. I know Africa has a bright future it will just take the help of so many to make it happen.

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