Published On: Fri, May 18th, 2012


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  • abdi

    beautiful ,,,happy 18 may to every somaliland citizen,,

  • hodan

    Congratulations Somalilanders, we celebrate with you!!!!

  • Gobaad

    All in Green, White, and Red. Congratulations and Many Happy May 18th Celebration in many years to come. Happy Birthday to you my hometown and all other towns cross Somaliland. Long Live Somaliland!

  • Da chosen1

    Congrats to y'all somalilanders!! we ar ur East African bros n sistaz

  • Kayse

    Warlord Silanyo and his diabetes kit carriers getting a break from khat isnt really a celebrations. All I see is jacdaad and buusaraad in their faces, eid is coming and I hope things change by then.

    More like busaraad day gathering by the Council of Dahabshiil and few members of two subclans. Even Sheikh Sharif red lip day can atract more people than this busaraad and dust with three funny colors randomly flying around.

    My blue shirt is becoming creased and wrinkled from just looking at those Council event photos…..Jaacdaaad day.

    • khadra

      you should watch your mouth and fingers, cause bad words break no bones and envy eats nothing but his own heart…. may Allah help you heal.

      long live samaland and long live president mudane/mujahid/xaaj/ Ahmed-silanyo ..

    • mustymo

      your words are truly sickening. have you forgot that you will be held accountable for you actions?

    • mustymo

      the funny thing is that this 'kayse' guy is actually from somaliland , lol, just another self hating attention seeker!

    • khaatumo citizen

      loooooooooooooooool @sheikh Sharif red lips can attract more people .. kayse ur a comedian

  • Abdi Noor

    Kayse, you are here, I thought you had work today at McDonalds

  • mohamedamin

    OW u gays u have to know that somaliland is a peacifull country has all regislation, elected their president by vote while Mr reyales turned him with peacefull while somalia is still war, starving, no education, have to parlament chairman, u have to solve u'r problem first then come to us. insha allah somaliland will exist ever and ever and hope u good luck this is our different only and thats why we always over u while u always don't like to see any improvement in somaliland.

    • fahiye

      good man with good reply mr mohamedamin,thanks again and again.

  • Gobaad

    Folks, ignore Kayse is mature, attention seeking, qabyaaliite, self-obssessed, disrespectful with a narcissistic personality. Ku cabudhiya oo ha neefinin. He does not deserve our or energy. Just give him thumbs down!

    • Gobaad

      … immature, that is.

  • khaatumo citizen

    looooool at least some people spent thier day something useful like cleaning up thier cities… thumbs up for ''Health environment''

    • Ms Justice

      The few misguided people you referring to need to clean their hearts, first. How sad they stood in a red sanded vilage, which is inhabited by few camel herders, and stress so ignoratly that 18 May is their cleaning day. What are you cleaning? You are all constipated as you are all starving in this dusty and isolated village. Please, join the masses and be happy Allah made you to be part of a beautiful nation, Somaliland.

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